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Business Internship Program

Credit SuisseBankowość,BPO/SSC,Finanse,IT (administracja, oprogramowanie),Prawo01-03-2018anna.chwalek@credit-suisse.com
Bankowość, BPO/SSC, Finanse
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The Swiss Universal Bank & International Wealth Management areas advise and manage portfolios of clients around the globe, offering mutual funds and other investment products for private clients, corporates, institutions and governments. Our Business Delivery Center in Wroclaw supports Credit Suisse operations and is essential in the implementation of our bank’s strategy. We provide comprehensive services with high quality and efficiency. During this 3-month internship program, you will have the opportunity to develop core professional skills and industry knowledge, as well as on-the-job experience. You will also receive in-depth functional and technical trainings in the area of private banking products, project management, basic reporting, corporate tools, customer service and more. Furthermore, you will be able to see how the supporting areas of a financial institution operate and contribute to the overall success of the bank, and you will gain insights into the bank and its culture. You will be assigned a buddy who will provide you with additional support prior to, during, and after your internship. Learning opportunities offering: Mentoring with senior specialist throughout the whole program; Tailored functional training (introduction to the role); Training Sessions/Know-How Sharing Sessions; Web Based Trainings/Lynda to excel both soft skills and business/banking knowledge for each participant; Charity workshop.

Wymagane umiejętności

While our employees have a wide range of experiences, interests and degrees, they share an intellectual curiosity, a desire to achieve and a pattern of excellence and achievement. Whatever your background, you will need to be: Client-focused and committed to developing creative solutions; Have strong professional communication skills in English and/or German; A critical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills; A self-starter who is able to envision long-term goals and ways to attain them; A collaborative team member who builds excellent relationships; An articulate communicator who also recognizes the importance of listening; Analytical and logical, with raw intellectual ability; Available for 30-40 hours per week.

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Graduate in 2018

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