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Finance Internship Opportunities

Credit SuisseBankowość,BPO/SSC,Finanse,IT (administracja, oprogramowanie),Prawo01-03-2018anna.korynek@credit-suisse.com
Bankowość, BPO/SSC, Finanse
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Based on the Chief Financial Officer's (CFO) business strategy, our aim is to become a high performing CFO organization that attracts the best people and enables us to engage, grow and retain talents through a rewarding and inclusive partnership culture. We offer Internships in the following areas: Product Control, Group Finance & Finance Change Our 3-month Internship will introduce you to the corporate and financial world at a leading Swiss bank. During this Internship you will learn how to use basic tools, such as Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, as well as developing your financial knowledge through our internal training courses. You will attend training courses that explain what we do, and provide more detail on your role and the role of CFO You will have a chance to help others by taking part in a Charity Day, organized for our interns You will be assigned a Credit Suisse buddy who will provide you with additional support prior to, during, and after your Internship. As well as undertaking an assigned desk specific project during your Internship, you will also work on a group project with other Interns; this will help you build upon your project management, team collaboration and presentation skills. The program offers opportunities to meet with senior managers, colleagues and peers at all levels across the bank, giving you an insight into the bank, its culture, and helping you to build a professional network. Your manager will work with you on an objective and review process, which will provide an outline of requirements and goals, and provide a structure throughout the placement.

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While our employees have a wide range of experiences, interests and degrees, they share an intellectual curiosity, a desire to achieve and a pattern of excellence and achievement. Whatever your background, you will need to be: Client-focused and committed to developing creative solutions; A critical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills; A self-starter who is able to envision long-term goals and ways to attain them; A collaborative team member who builds excellent relationships; An articulate communicator who also recognizes the importance of listening; Analytical and logical, with raw intellectual ability; Available for 30-40 hours per week.

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Students and Graduates 2018 studying Finance and Banking

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