French-speaking Junior Air Claim Specialist


French-speaking Junior Air Claim Specialist

Administracja,IT (administracja, oprogramowanie),Konsulting/ Doradztwo,Obsługa klienta,
Administracja, Konsulting/ Doradztwo, Obsługa klienta, Prawo, Ubezpieczenia
Termin oferty

Opis stanowiska

What will you do on board? •Collect all necessary documentation and organize it to start legal proceedings •Prepare case summaries and organize materials for case review •Review claims database •Communicate with the passengers and the airlines as a part of the support team

Wymagane umiejętności

What to take with you? •Fluency in English and French •Outstanding communication skills, being both outspoken and a good listener simultaneously, self-driven with a high energy level •Exceptional presentation skills and deadly persuasion •Ability to handle more passengers at once •Business awareness along with empathy

Wymagane wykształcenie

••There is no specific education required••