Pensions Administrator


Pensions Administrator

Administracja,BPO/SSC,Finanse,Human Resources(Zasoby Ludzkie),IT (administracja, oprogramowanie),
Administracja, BPO/SSC, Finanse, Human Resources(Zasoby Ludzkie), IT (administracja, oprogramowanie), Ubezpieczenia
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Opis stanowiska

Our teams make sure that retired people in the UK receive their pensions. You’ll help people enroll in pension schemes, help them keep track of the value of their accumulated capital and administer their investment choices and personal data throughout their lifetime.

Wymagane umiejętności

•Very good English – you’ll be working closely with colleagues in the UK

•Analytical skills – you can combine different sets of data to work out what’s happening

•Good time management – which allows you to manage your own time and meet tight deadlines even under time pressure

•Adaptability – you can switch priorities quickly when things change

•Excel skills – intermediate level

Wymagane wykształcenie

Not specific