Visual Communication Specialist - English Speaker

Visual Communication Specialist - English Speaker

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Opis stanowiska

You will translate the conceptual drafts provided by our consultants, into well-devised charts and exhibits and as a result, create clear and accurate visual presentations.

As a VG specialist you will rework existing material according to the consultants’ needs and in accordance with McKinsey guidelines. As part of your daily job you will create, edit and enhance presentation documents. You will proofread documents to ensure they meet quality standards, work with consultants on improving the visual presentation of information and coordinate production activities for short and long-term client assignments. 

Lastly, you will ensure an accurate, efficient and timely completion of all assigned jobs.  

Wymagane umiejętności

  • Fluent verbal and written language skills in English 
  • IT literacy and some experience in working with PowerPoint
  • Quality mindset and attention to detail 
  • Ability to work and stay focused under pressure
  • Solid communication skills to tailor messages over the phone or via email

Wymagane wykształcenie

Bachelor's degree, ideally in Philology or similar area