Junior Human Resources Generalist - Accenture

Junior Human Resources Generalist - Accenture

Administracja,Bankowość,Finanse,Human Resources(Zasoby Ludzkie),Inne,Inżynieria,IT (administracja, oprogramowanie),Obsługa klienta06-11-2019daniela.arista@aiesec.pl
Prague, Czech Republic
Administracja, Finanse
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Opis stanowiska

What is the role about?  

Accounts Receivable is a business process in which Accenture Polish clients receive payments for the goods/services they offer.

It starts with order entry and ends with the payment for the order.

You will be supporting Accenture clients in various aspects of this complex process performing activities such as:

  • name and address changes
  • invoice processing
  • payment tracking

Wymagane umiejętności

  • Polish language
  • Data Analytics
  • Microsoft Excel and word
  • Database Management

Wymagane wykształcenie