Dni Kariery® – Job fair for the youth by the youth!

Do you want to find the perfect person for work? Do you want to try a speed "dating" interview? Or are you new at the market and you are looking for a connection? No, it is not a dating ad! Welcome to the newest edition of Dni Kariery® and with us meet the best!

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We have talent for a job fair! And to this:

Who wants to rule the recruitment with us?

EB is our second name!

Discover matched talents even better!

Are you looking for a social media ninja who loves computer games? Or maybe your offer is for the programming queen with artistic fervor? Everything is possible with us! We will match talent to every role.

Mocked Interviews

Through simulated job interviews designed to prepare your candidate for the real deal. We can give you a chance to gain “valuable” time-saving interview process and introducing you to the best candidate in real time.


By preliminary screenings conducted by us, you will have a guarantee to identify top contenders before inviting them for in-person interviews.


You can tap into hidden insights in the industry trends, and even find your mentors for your career, or just build connections with people in your field.

Our Talents are For you

Newest “AI -cored” zone An AI-Based portal on the website empowering students to practice their skills and providing companies with well prepared/skilled pre-scanned applicants.

Speed Recruiting and meeting at the Company’s headquarters. More information are available in the offer.

We provide a dedicated buddy, who is available before and during the the day of the fair. We are open to all suggestions from employers.

We provide: An individual stand of a selected size. Partnership package: strategic partner, main partner and supporting partner. Academic background for our peers and companies.


Do you have any questions? Contact us at any time!

Employers about DNI Kariery®


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